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SoftScholar brings next-generation digital services and consulting.We enable our clients to navigate their digital transformation.

SoftScholar is a global, edge-to-cloud Platform built to transform your business.

By helping you connect, protect, analyze, and act on all your data and applications wherever they live, from edge to cloud, so you can turn insights into outcomes at the speed required to thrive in today’s complex world.

  • To deliver on the promise of technology

    We are so much devoted about our work and unwavering.We can plod towards our goal without any volatility.

  • Let’s create something together

    We feel, unity generate advantages.That's reason we can work together with some innovative ideas.Your innovative idea can change the world also.

Every business is different and their software needs are different too. Keeping that in mind, we have built services that can be tailored to meet all your requirements. We firmly believe, customizing our customers needs is our custom.

HTML 100%
CSS 90%
JavaScript 75%
IOT 60%
PHP 80%
WordPress/CMS 90%
Photoshop 55%
Modern Technologies 55%

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Creates customized technological solutions for changing customer needs with flawless execution and world class advisory services.

Digital Services

Make unified Digital experiences to enhance customer experience and build loyalty


Establishing a collaborative relationship with our clients and consultants.

Software Solution

We provide best solution for software design and development with modern technology.

Software Testing

Software testing services help companies to ensure that their software is fully functional, reliable, secure, and user-friendly.

Full Stack Web Solution

SoftScholar also provides high quality web solution with modern web technologies and API integration services.

Internet of Things(IoT)

SoftScholar offers full-range IoT services and helps to work out reliable and cost-effective ways of addressing your business challenges and tech obstacles with IoT technologies.


Frequently Asked Questions

There are some Frequently Ask Question that people asked.

  • Are there different web packages and development plans that you offer?

    Sure. We offer many different packages: Corporate Website development Package, Mobile Website development Package, Micro sites, Small Business Websites and even Custom Website Programming Package.

  • Web packages are there as a guideline and we can customize them so that they can fit your needs perfectly. We can either include or remove some functions and features. Just let us know what you need and we will give you the best solution.

  • There are two ways to look at this question. If you are looking to cut the costs you can do the updates yourself. The website will be in CMS and you will get the instructions on how you can update it by yourself. If you would like us to do the updates for you, we will do it and not only will we update the content, but also work on search engine optimization. That way your website will be up to date, and you will get more visitors over time.

  • Yes, we do. We can redesign your website so that it follows the latest trends. Redesign is less expensive than making a whole new website.

  • Of course! Website is one of the things that have to be alive, therefore develop and change over time. We are there to help you make changes any time you need them. We offer website maintenance service with no monthly nor upfront fee. You will tell us what you need and we will give you our quote with estimated work time. After you consider our offer you will decide if you want to take it. There are no hidden costs and no possibility that we are too busy when you need us the most. We are prompt and professional. Once you decide to update or simply maintain your website, you will know that it will be in good hands.

  • SEM is a much wider concept than SEO. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and SEO is only a part of it. Other than SEO, parts of SEM are also PPC, affiliate programs, social media campaigns.


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